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Teachers have good relationships with the pupils and want them to succeed"

Ofsted 2016

A Vibrant Learning Environment

Cambridge Street School is an independent Muslim boys high school in Batley. We have  a  stunning building set in the heart of Batley Town centre. A former Kirklees college it has superb teaching facilities that consist of modern classrooms including a science lab and a large lecture hall.

With a program of on-going refurbishment and development we hope to ensure that we preserve our beautiful building as we continuously update and extend our facilities that benefit both learners and the local community.


Our classrooms are both light and spacious and are equipped with the latest technology. They provide both a pleasant and relaxed environment where children can grow and learn.

Cambridge Street School provides a private education to boys aged 11 to 16. Although we have a strong Islamic ethos which is reflected in all aspects of school life, we welcome students from all faiths and backgrounds.


By serving our community we believe we set an example for our students to follow. We welcome any innovative ideas to put our facilities to good use out of school hours that will both benefit our students, their families and the local community.


Mr Suleman Collector

Cambridge Street School


WF17 5QW

01924 527911

07504 257578

CSS Proprietary Board:

Mr Abdul Jeber Ahmed (Chair)

Entrance 3

Providence Street

WF17 5QW

07391 855768

"Parents are extremely pleased with the work the school does and consider that their

children are happy and enjoy school." Ofsted 2016

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