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Congratulations to all students for their successes at GCSE 2017.


Well done to our first cohort of GCSE students on their excellent exam results. The many years of commitment and studying  has finally paid off and the results are a testimony to not just the students’ efforts, but also the hard work and dedication put in by their teachers and  parents. It so promising to see 100% of our students use the foundational knowledge they acquired at CSS to go further into higher education. We wish them all the very best!

As well as some overall excellent results for the school, 75% of our Year 11 students securing at least five good GCSE grades, there were also 100% of students taking the Arabic GCSE achieving grade A, 25%  of our students who achieved three or more A/A* or 9-7 grades  . In addition to these successes, there are also some exceptional individual stories such as a student achieving all his GCSEs at grade A or B.


75% of students achieved 9-4 (A* - C) grades in English


100% of students achieved 9-4 (A* - C) grades in Maths


100% of students achieved 9-4 (A* - C) grades in Science


25% of students achieved 9-7 (A* / A) grades across all the subjects


75% of students achieved 5 GCSE qualifications at 9-4 (A* - C) grades. (inc English & Maths)


85.7% of all grades 9-4 (A – C)


100% of students entered for the English Baccalaureate (National Average =71%)



Remember! These excellent results do not just happen automatically. They are evidence of the exceptional commitment and determination of Cambridge Street School students who received some outstanding support from the hugely dedicated staff and supportive parents

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